What's in the word "school?"

We just finished the "School of Spiritual Formation and the Care of the Soul" at a retreat center in Greensboro, NC. 25 students gathered from all walks of life: doctors, counselors, business and church staff. We spent 5 days on a deep journey together exploring the soul and how the soul connects with God. There was lots of "free time" for participants to enjoy the opportunity for silence and solitude.  Did you know the word "scholastic" is based on the Greek word "schola" which means "free time."  We learn when we have time to probe; time to be quite; time to explore the unforced rhythms of grace.What a joy it was to see our "schoolmates" walking in the woods; sitting by creek banks and drinking in the beautiful sunshine of God's grace.In the end, the stirred up hearts of many settled. The heart became still. The soul became quiet and God spoke his words of grace into us. I found it truly odd how 25 strangers could gather; having never met and yet leaving deeply in love with each other as fellow pilgrims on a shared journey.We'll be doing the same "school" in Colorado in October. I hope many new friends can come!Blessings,Steve