Welcome to the new blog

by Stephen W. and Gwen Harding SmithHello Friends, welcome to our new blog where we'll be sharing our lives with you, step by step. We thought on this first look into the new blog we'd share the outline of what we're going to be doing here.First, we're going to give you a paragraph each entry from Steve's new book: The Jesus Life: Eight Ways to Re-Discover Authentic Christianity and then we're just going to unpack the paragraph, give you our personal insight and reactions to how we're living this out. If you sit with the title of the book you can see that both of us, after 31 years of marriage and 57 years of life have come to the conclusion that some thing is deeply wrong with how we are going about living the Christian life out. Deeply wrong.When I ask people to give me five words that would be to describe their life right now, to date, no one has EVER given me the word "abundant." Yet, this descriptor is precisely what so many of us are longing for and desperately thirsty for.Here's the outline we're going to follow in the blog--giving you our honest, heartfelt and sometimes raw reactions to the challenge Jesus left us with---to live a life that is "Abundant" in the midst of a life and world that is so filled with disappointment, suffering, depression, economic challenge--that is unparalleled in history.We look forward to unpacking this step by step. Here is some of what we'll be discussing and some of where we're headed here on the blog:Part One: Losing Our Way1. Recovering our lifeWe’ve lost the way that leads to life.Part Two: Walking In the Way2. The Rhythm of JesusLiving a life that sustains3. The Way Jesus “did” his lifeExploring a model for our own.Part Three: Finding The Way4. The Way of DailinessLiving The Jesus Life Everyday5. The Way of HiddenessChoosing obscurity to cultivate life6. The Way of FamilyLiving the life with our family7. The Way of CompanionshipCultivating friendships in reality and truth8. The Way of the TableSavoring a sacred mystery9. The Way of Doing GoodExtending life to others10. The Way of RitualCreating signposts as we journey through life11. The Way of SufferingUnderstanding the role of pain and sufferingPart Four: Living The Life12. A Good LifeLearning to wear the easy yoke of Jesus