Waiting on God

I don't know about you, but it's not easy to wait on God! Waiting is, however, a bewildering part of the spiritual life. We come into seasons of our life where we simply cannot move forward--even one more step until we wait for God.  It's an interesting time for me to have to wait--to wait on God.  Most of you will know that the unfolding of our ministry, Potter's Inn, as been quite an adventure. Gwen and I first received a call and then a specific vision to start Potter's Inn while we were pastoring a church in North Carolina.One night, I felt awakened by the Lord and got up and went into our living room where I got a yellow pad of paper and began to write as this "vision" unfolded before me. It was an unmatched and unparalleled experience for me. Never had anything like this EVER happened before. I sensed the Lord say this: "It will be called, 'The Potter's Inn."  And there's more..."Steve-for the rest of your life you will be helping people understand the shaping and reforming process of the Potter's hands and wheel. Little did I realize that I would be the first to have to sit upon this wheel of the Divine Potter and have his hands come after my tender, naked and exposed clay. It was and continues to be a humbling process.The vision contained an actual "place" that we would be building to have for people to come and experience the transformation of the Potter's hands.  I was "told" the three core values of the place and ministry: beauty, intimacy and adventure. It must be in a beautiful setting. It was to be small and intimate---not a conference center and it would have elements of adventure to get people outside to experience God's glory.So, we set out and tried and tried to find this place. First in North Carolina--then moving to Colorado in 2000 to begin. God opened a big door through friends who helped us move and get started. But time after time, we simply could not find "THE" place. In the summer of 2006 and quite by "accident" we discovered or really, were discovered by the ranch now known as Potter's Inn at Aspen Ridge. God supplied the funds necessary to purchase the property. God's people--the friends of Potter's Inn gave $345,000 in order for us to buy the 35 acre ranch.In May 2009, we began the work on transforming the barn into the actual "Inn". This has required more funds to be raised and to date, $260,000 has been provided. God has indeed, been faithful. Yet, we are now in a season of waiting. After all the fund raising; after seeing God do the incredible; we are waiting on $20,000 to be able to take two needed and necessary steps. It's an amount needed to put in the insulation and dry wall for the retreat side of the big, red barn.Now we're in a holding pattern and trusting the Lord. We're making our need known and praying. Waiting.Waiting means "to be hopeful" in Hebrew! I've been asked countless times, if this picture of the rainbow is real. Yes, it is. This is my favorite image of our retreat. This was taken by a guest at the retreat during their own time of reteating! It shows the fruit of waiting! I look at this when I need to remember to wait...Oh, to be hopeful!To read more news on this, please go to: News on the Barn~