The Jesus Life new website and special offer of a FREE e-book!

  I'm excited to announce that today, we've launched the new web page:  This new website will anchor the book on the web. Effective in the launch is an offer to receive a FREE E-book of The Lazarus Life.  The Jesus Life is really the sequel to The Lazarus Life! I go further in my explaination of what's gone wrong with the offer Jesus made to us about living the abundant life. While The Lazarus Life explains the process of spiritual transformation,  The Jesus Life helps the reader with practical and doable ways to live the Jesus Life.  I'm so very thankful to my publisher, David C Cook for offering the e-book to everyone. The offer expires March 31, 2011. So go ahead and download for free the book. You can't beat that offer!Also, on the new website you'll be able to download the first chapter of The Jesus Life. We've developed two retreats in 2012 based on the new book. One will be at Holden Beach, NC--a wonderful island escape for a spring weekend and the other weekend retreat is at our retreat, Potter's Inn at Aspen Ridge later in the year. Click the "2012 Retreats" on the side bar for all the details.There's a great message in this book! This book took me 2 1/2 years to write. I actually wrote it twice after my editor rejected the first submission. I'm so glad he did that because it forced me to go back; do the hard work and research that is now embedded in the book throughout the pages! I think you'll agree with me when you read it.But I need your help to help spread the word about the book being released.  In the book, there's a study guide making it ideal for small groups, men's studies/women's studies and classes to use. I was honored to receive this endorsement from Dallas Willard:“Steve Smith cuts through the religious paraphernalia and daily clutter that obstructs our path to lives of purpose and power, and he clearly explains the simplicity of The Jesus Life in the Kingdom of God. He has deep insights into how we have come to live the way we do, in church and out. With refreshing realism and wide-ranging knowledge, he helps us identify dear illusions that bog us down and introduces us to simple steps and arrangements that enable eternal living. The directions he gives are self-validating. We have only to ‘just do it.’ The Jesus Life would be ideal for real spiritual progress in small groups in church and in community. Serious individual engagement with it will bring assurance that the life praised in our songs and scriptures can be ours.”

Dallas Willard, author of The Divine Conspiracy

I need your help! Can you spread the word?  We're sending out bookmarks to all on the snail mail  list of Potter's Inn which contain a memorable way to remember the 8 ways I explore. We'll send you one if you email and ask:

In this blog, you'll be able to read excerpts, leave your ideas on the 8 ways and we'll be offering special opportunities to readers as they practice the eight ways!  It's going to be excited to launch the new blog, new website and the new book to help readers everywhere know how to live the abundant life Jesus promised!  The whole idea of the blog and the new website is to give us a platform of how to find each other; leave comments; offer suggestions of the progress we are making in living into The Jesus Life!

I'm excited!