The Jesus Life Is Not the Church Life

I've started writing a new book. It's the book that has been the focus of my private research, private thinking, and private longings. It's the sequel to The Lazarus Life but will be titled, The Jesus Life. The book will help explain the disappointment of many of us who signed up to be followers of Jesus but then were hijacked off course by pastors, churches, rules, regulations and over forces to say, "Is this is? Am I living the abundant life that Jesus offered us?" So many of us have equated the Jesus life with attending church and nodding our heads in catatonic agreement, when deep inside we are disappointed with life as we know it.I'm putting together 10 chapters that explore 10 different aspects to The Jesus Life. A couple of these are: Living an anonymous or hidden live as a way to live the Jesus life. This chapter will explore the 30 or so years that Jesus was a "nobody" and what happened in his life in those anonymous years that shaped his soul for his very public life which was only 36 or so months.For the past month, I've been focused on a chapter about Jesus and mealtimes. I'm exploring how mealtimes for the American family have greatly diminished and are going the way of the dinosaur but for Jesus--he used meal times for some of his greatest teachings; greatest invitations to spiritual intimacy and how by beginning what I'm calling, "the Jesus meal" we might better be able to taste and experience The Jesus Life.I suppose in many ways this book will be my legacy--my chance to call it as I've experienced it with so many people who signed up and yet live quiet, disillusioned lives of discontent but continue to play the game of church. The church life is NOT the Jesus Life and I'm hoping to show a better way. I'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers.It will take me 8 months to write the book with my plan for the remainder of this year by focusing on a chapter a month. Two are already written.