The Dignity of the Work

work-man-at-work-ipad-numbersThe role of the marketplace worker—the teacher—the firefighter—the doctor—the small business owner—is, first of all, to be present. Through your presence, you bring a witness that it is not only you who is present but God is present through you. By showing up in the dailiness of your work be it glamorous or dirty, your presence is a witness that we are not alone—that God is with us. Our confusion in our soul is often in the crux of our soul. We think we have to become “more”—something more than we are right now. The real work of life begins when we simply learn to show up.In a world where we face competition, rivaling priorities and busyness, presence is perhaps one of the most under-estimated and unappreciated aspects to being in the marketplace and not of the marketplace. To show up in your work zone is to awaken to the realization that God has already gone before you. When you open the door to your work, God is already there ahead of you--not behind you. Being assured of this fact can transform how you work and the way you work.We do not just encounter God in our church. We encounter God just as Jesus encountered people in the marketplace. Wherever people are—God is too! [tweetthis]“Bidden or unbidden, God is present.” [/tweetthis]This adage is for ordinary people, who have ordinary jobs, to become aware and awake to the fact that God is with us. [tweetthis]There is no work zone where God is absent.[/tweetthis][tweetthis]That imaginary line that some folks have drawn between sacred work and secular work needs to be erased.[/tweetthis] All work is sacred and to show up in your work clothes and to put on your uniform—whatever that may be: tie or stethoscope or steel tip toe boots, God walks with us. We bring the incarnation of God to the workplace through our skin; our voice and our hands.When we create, we engage in the Genesis creation of making something happen—every day and each day. When the school bell rings- creation begins.When the email comes in,-creation begins.When the voice mail is listened to-creation begins.When your door closes or you enter the cubicle--the work zone begins. Our work, no matter how menial; how significant; important or bland is a part of the unfolding of God’s hands touching the world through our own.----------------------------------Two resources that will help you explore this more deeply are the chapter in Soul Custody which is titled: Soul Vocation: Choosing What to do with your life and Inside Job: Doing the Work within the Work