Leah's Unplug Story

Have you joined our Unplug Challenge yet?  We challenge you to commit one day a week to set aside the distraction of technology.  You won’t be disappointed in your commitment.  We have a inspiring testimony to share with you from a friend Leah who lives overseas…Unplug image "I live overseas and have a million reasons to live on my phone. I am in a long distance relationship, my friends live in ten different countries and my family sends updates via text, not carrier pigeon. My phone is often my shield from my loneliness. If I feel isolated or forgotten I can pick it up, send a text and reenergize my extrovert streak that often feels neglected in a foreign land. "I am also a member of the media and spend at least 40 hours a week monitoring and writing stories on screens. I get paid to follow tweets, watch competitors’ broadcasts and check Facebook. When I get home I feel drowned in pixelated light and just want to chat and tell someone about my day. Remember when I told you I was in a long distance relationship? I.e. I get back on a screen.  For years I have picked a day to isolate myself from social media, but since moving abroad I have struggled to keep a routine. When I do un-plug, I often feel like I’m falling behind on work emails or worse, missing vital details in the lives of those I love ‘back home’. Other times I am so overwhelmed by screens, I randomly and totally disengage. As healthy as it feels and is, it also hurts those I didn’t warn. The most vital element of unplugging for me is telling my friends and family in advance that I will temporarily be out of touch. The tricky part is actually sticking to my word and keeping the phone out of reach. Without my device, I am able to better recognize my reality and address areas of my soul that usually go unchecked. Why do I feel lonely? Why do I feel more engaged with technology than I do with people? Why am I having a hard time focusing on finishing simple tasks without distractions? I start to realize my dependencies and my phone starts to sound a lot like a drug. I start sounding like an addict. In the absence of social media and my electronic buddy, I become better friends with those who live around me that I often overlook. My time is filled with soulful engagement and my eyes readjust to seeing pupils, not pixels. Though it’s crucial to stay connected to ‘home’ I need to remain diligent in digging deeper into building one here, too."- Leah Ready to Unplug?  Read more about the challenge HERE.  Print the commitment card and choose one day a week to unplug from technology.  We'd love to hear your story.  Share it below! 

Katie's Unplug Story

UnPLUG---it's the Potter's Inn Challenge! Most of us are way too wired. We're always "on" and "available." We're excited as our challenge beings to spread across the world and we're hearing from people and what they are doing with their Unplug Challenge! Meet Katie. She shares her story of learning to Unplug below...


I am someone who is way too attached to my device.  I am a stay at home mom and a lot of times sadly my “escape” from my reality of dirty diapers and constant cleaning is to veg out on my phone.  I'll go to the world of Facebook, Instagram, or You Tube to watch others live their lives and to try and receive some type of validation for my life too.  Since toddler conversation can be limited I would practice this “escape” while sitting down to breakfast or lunch, riding in the car while my husband drives, always feeling like I needed to be “caught up” on the latest that social media had to offer.

I’ve always wanted to let go of this addiction because as much as I continue to practice these habits I know they are life sucking rather than life giving.  I was so very glad to see the Potters Inn Unplug Challenge!  It’s helped push that desire in me to actually give up this habit for a day and I’m hoping to give it up entirely!I chose Sunday as my day to unplug and what a GIFT it has already been for me!  I still kept my phone on me, but did not pull it out during our drive to church to catch up on Facebook, didn’t pull it out on the drive home from church to post a cute picture, didn’t pull it out during lunch to look at someone else’s cute picture, and best of all I didn’t pull it out when my kids went down for their nap.  Instead I pulled out an encouraging magazine and read this line “We don’t see better by straining our eyes.  We see better by centering our souls.” (Leeana Tankersley)  And I was doing just that!Taking the Unplug Challenge gave me the chance to be more present with my kids, my husband, and in the moment.  I was looking up instead of looking down, centering my soul rather than straining my eyes over my device.  Now I know that I will look forward to Sundays because they will be my life giving day!-Katie from Washington DCReady to join the Unplug Challenge?  Read more HERE.  Print the commitment card and choose one day a week to unplug from technology.  We'd love to hear your story.  Share it below!


We are so wired! We are always "on" and always "available."  We are co-dependent on our iphones and ipads. We can't live with them. We certainly can't live without them.  The result:  We're glued, veering off and into pseudo-community--thinking our connections on social media will be "there" for us when we're thrown a curve ball in life.We have been seduced into thinking that the meaning of life comes from what we "see" and how we "hear" from.  It all makes us numb to our heart where we feel a void in our soul.  Rather than feeling more guilt; more shame and kicking the ant-hills where all the cyber ants will surely scatter, I've designed a challenge.It's called: [tweetthis]Un-Plug. For one day a week, turn off your phones; get your head out of your apps and open yourself up to the great adventure of life. [/tweetthis]Rather than scroll through meaningless pages, consider the following:

  • Turn off all technology for one full day (That's a full 24  hour span of going off the grid and going dark).
  • Take a walk.
  • Invite someone for lunch or dinner.
  • Read a good book to stir you up and make you feel things long forgotten.
  • Visit a museum or a park.
  • Light a candle and say some prayers.
  • Sit quietly with yourself--by yourself.
  • Play some soft music.
  • Meet a friend--perhaps long lost and have coffee.
  • Play a game with your family or friends.

Get the Unplug Card, download, then Sign it. Place it in a prominent place in your home so you don't forget!It's really a simple step to help us re-order and re-claim our lives.The poet and spiritual writer, John O'Donohue writes:"Though your destination is not yet clear, you can trust the promise of this opening; Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning--that is at one with your life's desire. Awaken your spirit to adventure. Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk; Soon you will be hoe in a new rhythm, for your soul senses the world that awaits you."Listen to me: What have you got to lose?  There is so much in this life for us---and that we can enjoy--even in hard and fragile times!  The UNPLUG challenge is for all of us!In the New Year, I'm going to recommend one book a month for you to start reading for your spiritual growth and to deepen your roots!  It's all to help grow your soul in the New Year.For January, I am recommending my own: Embracing Soul Care.  (This is a link to Amazon where Amazon will donate back to Potter's Inn).  This is a great book to read devotionally as the chapters are short, to the point and with great application. There are three stirring questions for you to explore as you read the chapters.  This can be easily enjoyed alone; with your spouse or over coffee with some friends.  You can read more about Embracing Soul Care here: Read more about Embracing Soul Care and order through Potter's Inn! If you order Embracing Soul Care through Potter's Inn-- you benefit the entire ministry of all we do! Blessings in the New Beginning as we seek to get Unplugged! Steve