The Heartbeat hope this might work. If you play the little play button  above, you'll hear a short, 10 second recording that may drop you to your knees as it has me. I hope you can heart the heartbeat. It's a few seconds of a heartbeat but not just any heartbeat. It's the heartbeat of my grandchild!Thrilling.Fascinating.Holy.Fearfully and wonderfully made!Alive!It humbles me to know that this little heartbeat is indeed a soul in formation.  I think that when Gwen and I had kids years ago, we did not realize the grander story going on... that indeed---a child is really a soul--a soul in formation who would need a ton of love, a ton of guidance and a ton of care all requiring a ton of prayer. With age and life, I now know that a child--every child--is a soul in formation. Age brings wisdom and now the heartbeat that you're listening to is NOT just another kid that is in utero. It's a soul in formation--my grandchild!Baby Beloved, we are waiting on you. We are praying and pulling for you.  Your Dad is a warrior for our country and he will be a warrior for your heartbeat--all the days of your life. Baby Beloved, my heart will now be fighting for your heart---all the days of my life. I love you, Baby Beloved!  May your heart beat strong and may God give you an undivided heart to praise His name!We'd appreciate your prayers. Blake, our son and the father of Baby Beloved is now deployed in a hotspot which we are not allowed to disclose. But he will be deployed until May. He'll miss his wife's belly grow large with this child. He'll be engaging in keeping us safe as a member of Joint Special Forces.... so pray would you for his saftey...pray for Baby Beloved and the Mom--Katie who is the one, great with child and also great with great child!