Beauty Helps!

I saw this with my own eyes today. It's found in a place 30 minutes from the retreat near Tarryall, CO and called, the Lost Wilderness.I felt lost so going to a place called the Lost Wilderness was for me, like being pulled there by the Puller of My Soul. We got bad news twice yesterday. One kick in the gut for me about having to re-write most, if not all of my book I've been working on now for two years. Gwen's kick is for her to tell but both blows have made me seek some solace today.Beauty helps. Simone Weil wisely tells us, "There are only two things that pierce the soul. One is pain. The other is beauty." When you stop and think about it, how true that statement really is for us mere humans on this planet and who find themselves on the long, arduous journey to heaven. Pain shatters us--drops us to our knees and makes us cry out to anyone or anything in the Cosmos that might even remotely hear us. Beauty helps. Beauty draws us to humble amazement and we wonder as we wander through it and soon we find that beauty has helped. Beauty assuages the deep grief of the soul and heart.I'm going back to this place tomorrow. I'm glad it's close to where I'm doing my re-write of the book. I'm going to walk into that beauty with my bride. I texted her today and said, "You have to come up here tomorrow and walk into this epic scene of beauty. It will help you. It will help me. It will help us."Stephen W. SmithPotter's Inn