Nothing New

It would be tempting to think this is some new phenomenon, that we are the first to see such an unprecedented crisis of character. But that’s not true. This problem is sadly recorded throughout the pages of the Bible where we see men and women with undeniable promise and gifting become tripped up in unwise choices and bottom out in disgrace and dishonor.Do you remember David, the warrior poet? Instead of going to war with his men he went to bed with another man’s wife. The consequences were catastrophic. Or how about Barnabas, Paul’s companion on many of his missionary journeys? He simply could not find a way in his heart to be a team-player. The result was a tragic split in their shared leadership. And it’s not just the men. The women are there too. Two women in one of Paul’s first churches nearly split the church because of their uncontrolled tongues and poisoned hearts for each other. Then there’s Sapphira. She could not bring her husband or herself to make good choices regarding money. They fell into hoarding and so became a negative example for all, a couple of misers with their God given resources.And don’t forget Peter, that impetuous disciple who always spoke before thinking. He would definitely be an unlikely candidate to speak about character. Or would he? Interestingly enough, based on the extraordinary writings of this apostle, I’ve found that we can discover the much needed and absolutely necessary character building blocks that assure us of “never falling”[1] and will keep us from becoming “ineffective and unproductive.”[2][1] II Peter 1:10[2] II Peter 1:8 From my latest book Inside Job: Doing The Work Within The Work (Due for release June, 2015 by InterVarsity Press)