The Sabbath Meal

This past Sunday, we shared a Sabbath Meal with dear friends in South Carolina. It was a feast-- not just in the food which I'll explain in a moment but in the atmosphere. These friends are seeking to build a new life on a farm where they have moved to raise their seven children along with a host of chickens, goats, horses and sheep.When we arrived, we strolled through the farm letting the children explain their garden where they were implementing a "farm to table" philosophy of eating what you grow. So, lettuce was picked for our salad which had beets and radishes and more veggie goodies; two chickens were killed for the protein which you can see in the picture I've posted here and we shared a meal together.But as we sat at the table we shared more than a meal. We shared time--lingering time. We sat for hours laughing, talking and sharing. The delicious food became only what transported us into great conversation. It was more about the time together than the food being consumed.Sabbath meals become a great way to share time with life giving friends and family when we come together around the table to truly do more than "catching up." We share our hearts. We touch one another's souls. It is communion indeed.On this farm, each child has responsibilities to keep the farm going and moving forward. It's hard work for sure but the rewards....while I think the smiles at this particular sabbath supper prove it.What about this coming Sabbath? Who would you like to spend time with? What do you need to share? What do you need to hear?It's Tuesday already this week and I'm looking forward to another Sabbath meal which is already planned with a dear friend in our church here in Colorado Springs.Just five days away and we can already anticipate the fun and joy while at the same time remember this past Sabbath. These two words: anticipate and remember are a part of the deeper purpose of Sabbath. We anticipate our rest and then we remember the good rest we enjoyed.The farm we visited was Kapstone Farms near Rock Hill, South Carolina. Our dear friends who hosted us are John and Denise Kapitan with their seven children!Blessings,Steve Smith