Katie's Unplug Story

UnPLUG---it's the Potter's Inn Challenge! Most of us are way too wired. We're always "on" and "available." We're excited as our challenge beings to spread across the world and we're hearing from people and what they are doing with their Unplug Challenge! Meet Katie. She shares her story of learning to Unplug below...


I am someone who is way too attached to my device.  I am a stay at home mom and a lot of times sadly my “escape” from my reality of dirty diapers and constant cleaning is to veg out on my phone.  I'll go to the world of Facebook, Instagram, or You Tube to watch others live their lives and to try and receive some type of validation for my life too.  Since toddler conversation can be limited I would practice this “escape” while sitting down to breakfast or lunch, riding in the car while my husband drives, always feeling like I needed to be “caught up” on the latest that social media had to offer.

I’ve always wanted to let go of this addiction because as much as I continue to practice these habits I know they are life sucking rather than life giving.  I was so very glad to see the Potters Inn Unplug Challenge!  It’s helped push that desire in me to actually give up this habit for a day and I’m hoping to give it up entirely!I chose Sunday as my day to unplug and what a GIFT it has already been for me!  I still kept my phone on me, but did not pull it out during our drive to church to catch up on Facebook, didn’t pull it out on the drive home from church to post a cute picture, didn’t pull it out during lunch to look at someone else’s cute picture, and best of all I didn’t pull it out when my kids went down for their nap.  Instead I pulled out an encouraging magazine and read this line “We don’t see better by straining our eyes.  We see better by centering our souls.” (Leeana Tankersley)  And I was doing just that!Taking the Unplug Challenge gave me the chance to be more present with my kids, my husband, and in the moment.  I was looking up instead of looking down, centering my soul rather than straining my eyes over my device.  Now I know that I will look forward to Sundays because they will be my life giving day!-Katie from Washington DCReady to join the Unplug Challenge?  Read more HERE.  Print the commitment card and choose one day a week to unplug from technology.  We'd love to hear your story.  Share it below!