Jesus Without the Paraphernalia!

In a remote area of the Copper Canyons in the Mexican state of Chihuahua lives a reclusive people group named the Tarahumara. This tribe has the remarkable ability to run fast, run long distances, and run without injury over rugged mountainous terrain. Their racing method defies the billion dollar industry of Nike, Adidas and other footwear businesses that have spent years developing an ideal shoe filled with gel, air pockets, rubber or other secret elements. What defies logic, money, scientific research and common sense is that the Tarahumara run barefoot. That’s right! They run on their unprotected God-given feet. In the running world, this tribe is now legendary. Christopher McDougall’s bestselling book, Born to Run, tells the story of these greatest long distance runners. Now runners around the world are embracing the novel idea that to run fast and without injury, all one needs to do is run without any encumbrance; no gel sole, no novel tread, and no laces, buckles or clips.I share this because when I read McDougall’s book, I saw a similarity in what has happened to those of us who call ourselves Christians—followers of Jesus—but who have picked up so many add-ons, extras, rules, regulations, tips and techniques about how to live the Christian life. What if we could just go back to the barefoot rabbi himself and follow him to see how he lived his life? What if actually following his simple ways could lead the to life we are in search of?Imagine Jesus--without all the add-ons! Imagine Jesus without all of the religious paraphernalia!  Imagine following the God in the flesh man who came to show us the way. No trapping. No programs. No techniques. Just Jesus.How is that we have become so terribly lost in our world, void of actually experiencing exactly what Jesus came to give us--life?  I suggest it is that we have embellished the truth by 200+ denominations all insisting on their own way as the right way. We fight rather than follow Jesus. We study rather than follow. We add on because we don't trust that his way is really enough in our world.To live the Jesus Life, we are going to need to go back and dump out our spiritual back-backs where we have stored wrong information, old assumptions and notebooks crammed full of tips and techniques. Why not grab lunch or coffee with a friend and ask:  What add-ons do you think you may have incorporated into your relationship with Jesus? What can be jettisoned?--------------------------------------------------------------------------In The Jesus Life, I argue that we lost our way and that since Jesus called himself "the way"...then we will need to go back and actually follow his ways if we want to experience his life. Please join us on the journey by ordering a copy---hey why not order several copies of The Jesus Life.  If your order through us, we'll give you absolutely FREE a copy of Embracing Soul Care, which is a daily devotional to read and is an excellent tool to care for your soul as your re-think Jesus and all he came to give us!  Click on the offer on the right and you'll be taken to our bookstore through Potter's Inn. We have the books in stock RIGHT NOW and will ship them out to you ASAP!Or here's the link the Amazon where you can order and get a special "pre-order" price which will certainly increase when the book is released through Amazon: