Spiritual Formation is Messy Work

The reason I like spiritual formation is that it simply accepts the messy work of shaping our souls. Like this week, as an example, I'm going to a large church to lead 19 pastors--all on the same church staff in a retreat and will care for their souls. They, like all pastors and all of us who are not pastors need this kind of work. Our lives are messy. Staff conflict; affairs, jealousy, envy...you'd think all of this messy stuff would drown in the waters of baptism. But it does not. Pastors wear stinking graveclothes just like Lazarus did when he emerged half dead yet half alive from his tomb. Not a bad image to remember when it comes to us...half way there but so much more work needed.Spiritual formation--the shaping of our souls to become like the soul of Jesus is messy.Joing me on the journey in this blog for honest, real and challenging discussions coming straight from my potter's wheel to yours!Blessings,Steve