Spiritual Direction with a Sister

This is Gwen and Sister Margaret. Sister Margaret was one of two Benedictine Sisters who attended our School of Spiritual Formation and The Care of the Soul in October. It was our privilege to share the week with Sister Margaret and Sister Joan. Sister Margaret is celebrating her "Jubliee Year", which is 50 years of service to God since saying her vows as a young woman decades ago. Now in her seventies, Sister Margaret has such love, wisdom and encouragement to offer us.I had the delight of serving as Sister Margaret's spiritual director during our School. I felt a bit nervous to serve this woman of God in this way because she herself is a very seasoned, experienced and wise spiritual director serving scores of people throughout South Dakota. During our School, we explored the distinctives of soul care and the ingredients in spiritual direction. I think I learned more in being with her; getting her feedback and her encouragement in my own style and methods than I have in years. As I sat with her, she taught me by following my lead--listening to my feedback which was somewhat daunting to offer.Since our time together, Sister Margaret has enlisted the other Sisters at her monastery to pray for me and for the ministry of Potter's Inn. I can't tell you how much I value their prayers because above all--these are truly praying people. At this time of my life and ministry, I think I need all the prayers I can get. How about you?Stephen W. Smith