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Hurry-sickness is overtaking us. We've succumbed to the feverish pitch of trying to balance life even when it is out of control.  In my new book, The Jesus Life, I have a section on re-thinking all of this and suggest an alternative that is not new with me.It was anchored in Judaism; modeled by Jesus, practiced by the early church, yet forsaken in modern times. It is the concept of living your life in a sustainable rhythm.Now, I have some very good news. The chapter on rhythm is now downloadable into a little pdf booklet. We want as many people as possible to have this chapter to read, share, forward and most of all live.It's simple.To get the free chapter all you have to do is to go to:  Click on the Free Download of The Rhythm of Jesus and enter your name and number and it's yours. Free!It's our attempt to spread some hope in this bad news world.  The idea is simple.  We're majored so much on the truth of Jesus that we have neglected the ways of Jesus.  The truth of Jesus together with the way of Jesus will yield the life of Jesus and that's what we want.Rhythm is a vital and critical part of our answer. Get the chapter. Forward this blog to 5 of your friends---heck to your whole small group and Sunday School class!Read it. Discuss it. Live it!