One Mile of Aspen wood--coming very, very soon!

I'm excited. We ordered nearly one mile of linear foot of tongue and groove Aspen to be installed up at our retreat, Potter's Inn at Aspen Ridge. Our contractor was notified of a special and quick sale on the Aspen due to a 'going out of business' sale by a wood distributor about 1 hour from our retreat. Such a significant savings could not be overlooked or ignored. What a blessing!One mile of Aspen wood--tongue and groove covering the entire 5,000 sq ft. ceiling and some of the interior walls. We wanted the wood for the warmth, ambiance, decor and Colorado feel of the big, reg barn. And of course, it's Aspen.... our native tree and even in the name of our retreat. How fitting.Even more delighting is that a mission team from Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin is coming the first week of May to install the entire one mile of Aspen wood.We now have 5,280 linear feet of Aspen cut, sized and delivered and it's already sitting in the unfinished section of the barn.Step by Step. One inch at a time, makes a mile. That's how the journey for us goes in building a fabulous retreat for YOU--our dear, dear friends and partners who anchor with us to help make this happen.It's amazing that some of our donors have not ever seen our retreat but graciously give out of their hearts because they know the dire need for a safe place for people to come who are tired, worn out and burned out on religion.This is the place. It is very, very close. We can "see" the finish line--finally.Blessings, Steve