My God Chair

I have a chair in my living room which we call, The God Chair. This is my perspective when I'm sitting in it. I'm staring at Rembrand's "The Return of the Prodigal" which you can only see the bottom of in this photo. To my right, which you also cannot see is a full, front view of Pike's Peak. I am watching, this morning, the golden sunrise reflected against this majestic mountain this morning. As the sun comes up, it's like an artist's palate has gone wild with colors on the mountain. Glory!I'm sitting here this morning, relaxed. But I'm fully aware that the past months have been anything but relaxed. Last night, before Gwen and I went to sleep, we laid in bed talking about how full our plates have been; how much I need to be done with some projects--like my book, and the renovation of the barn. To be truthful, I'm not sure how God has sustained us to move through all that has happened. It's been alot and has required focus and attention---much like the focus and attention of my mornings in the God chair.We call it a God chair because when you sit here, you're drawn by the painting inside and the mountain outside to consider a majesty that cannot be manufactured. You sit in quiet and somehow one becomes aware of God. That's one of the reasons I am being drawn to enjoy Juliet Benner's book which I'm using and encouraging others to get and use. I cannot remember a book that I have enjoyed---enjoyed-- reading and using. It's inspiring me to catch my breath; let my soul catch up with my body and stop all of this hurry sickness that I get caught up in from time to time.This is my Lenten Journey! How is hurry sickness affecting you in Lent? Do you have a God chair? Do you know what I am talking about here?Lenten Blessings,Stephen W. SmithPotter's Inn