My Favorite Things

OK. I admit it. I watched, Oprah's TV show titled, "My Favorite Things." It's the one where everyone in the audience receives all of the favorite things that Oprah thinks are fabulous. If you were in her audience yesterday, you would have gotten a MAC IPad and a brand new 2012 VW Beetle-- your choice of colors! She also added a few other gifts of several thousands of dollars.Women in the audience were weeping. Men were fainting. The Paramedics were called into grab the faint of heart as they were lavished with gifts.To be honest, Oprah looked authentic in here giving spirit. And the audience seemed to be grateful because of all the lip reading I could do on several dozen lips was, "O, My God!"For reasons that still baffle me I will not be able to do anything like Oprah. I'm not sure I would do it the way she did it if I had the money to buy the gifts. But what I'd want most for my friends and family, I could also put under the category of "My Favorite Things." Here are a few of them that I'd wish for those I love:1. A Shalom Heart--by that a heart full of contentment not lust; peace not searching for more; satisfaction not always seeking the next big thing and serenity not a shelf full of accomplishments.2. A Soul Content--by that I mean, like a baby satisfied at its mother's breast after a very good feeding... I would hope that we could grow in our understanding of what we really need in this life to be content.3. An Undivided heart--by that I mean a person who is not conflicted inside about what role to fulfill in life--they will simply seek to become themselves and then offer themselves to a needy world. A life that is congruent.... not one where you're always doubting what you've done; or what you still need to do. A heart that is at one with self, God and others. Yes, that's what I want for us.4. A Posture of Gratitude---not taking anyone or anything for granted in life; but a lifestyle that is shaped by gratitude and graciousness.5. A cadence of reflection--by this I mean, not hurrying through life so quickly that we actually miss the moments that are sacred; that are a gift to us; a life that is awake, aware and a bit bewildered by the mystery of it all.6. A few friends who get it and get me--by this I mean walking this journey with just a few other souls who actually understand life, faith and the journey.I wish this for us all.My favorite things, you see are not really tangible or material when it comes down to it. They are holy and should be treated as holy.Blessings!Stephen W. Smith