Morphing the Blog

Gwen and I have decided, together, to morph this blog. We're going to be doing some significant changes in upcoming days and weeks. And the most important is that we're going to enter entries together. Both of us will be writing on this blog and the focus of our writing and musings will be our own interaction with the topic and themes in my new book, The Jesus Life: Eight Ways to Re-discover Authentic Christianity."Why are we doing this? We're doing this for three main reasons. Both of us want to desperately live--The Jesus Life. We're tired of the church life, the busy life, the American life and more. In the book I explore how to return to the life Jesus described and offered--the abundant life. That's the life we want. Second, Gwen's gotten so much favorable feedback from her writing on her site, (her recovery from major back surgery) that we felt this would be a great outlet and spiritual practice to just write, share our thoughts and encourage our on-line village of friends and companions to journey with us into The Jesus Life. Third, we're doing this because we want to invite you into the life we are leaning into. We want to discuss, dialogue and divulge our heart with you as we interact with the most important and some of the most neglected themes of our times. In The Jesus Life, we're going to explore some of the content of the book; give you excerpts BEFORE the book is published and ideas on how to integrate what is shared. It will be personal. It will be real. It will be heart-felt. And it will be from both of our perspectives--male and female; husband and wife, father and mother, son and daughter of God and fellow pilgrims on this long arduous journey home.So, after some significant changes to our blog in the new week, we'll be up and running. I hope you'll spread the word!We hope you'll "subscribe" to the blog and share this with your friends. We hope you'll consider journeying with us together as we embark on this new chapter of our life, marriage, work and family!Blessings,Steve