Marshalling Your Energy Wisely--it's what God wants!

A group of young, German church planters have invited Gwen and I to come lead a retreat for them on how to care for their souls. Their young wives will join them. What a great audience to pour our hearts into!It's interesting that in German church history, the word, "pastor" is rooted in an expression meaning "soul physician".  It's lost it's original meaning today and in our busy culture, a hurry sickness has infected the hearts of many.How we are so in need of a soul physician.  In all reality, that is exactly our calling, our work and our mission.Actually, this dis-ease is systemic invading all parts of a leader's life--their marriage, their parenting--their desire to live The Jesus Life and more. So, it's with great joy that we pack our bags to lead them in a rather long retreat. For six days, we'll have this captive audience and we will attempt to pour wisdom, counsel, common sense and what Eugene Peterson says, of "self-control"--the 'ability to marshal your energies wisely.'Who would have ever thought that the Greek meaning for self-control--one of the fruit of the Spirit actually means...."The ability to marshal your energies wisely."  It's listed right there in Galatians 5:22 as one of the fruit of God's work in us. It's what he wants in us---the ability to marshal your energy wisely.Just today in my office I sat with a female executive for a leading organization in Colorado Springs. She was breathless arriving late to our scheduled meeting. As she apologized, she listed a litany of reasons why our life was a bit "out of control."  Her children...her busy husband's schedule. Her "mom" duties and her full time job as a leading exec in her company. We began to talk about learning to live in rhythm and to give up the lie of the balanced life. We spoke about learning to marshal your energies wisely. As she cried and wiped tears from her eyes. She said, " I didn't realize that God actually wanted me to learn how to marshal my energies. I've felt so totally out of control."We will travel tomorrow to Germany offering young pastors in a once of the most competitive, successful and leading countries in the world---where the church is in absolute total decline and disarray--the opportunity to care for their souls. Pray for us in our ministry. We need it. Pray for no travel glitches. That we can overcome jetlag. That we can be prepared to talk three times a day in this retreat and to love these dear ones well.It will be a great blessing for us to have a few days at the end of our trip with our son, Cameron who is stationed in Kaiserslaughtan.  He's apartment is a proverbial one... right over a German butcher shop on a narrow pedestrian street. Sounds picturesque!  We'll let you know when we return. All blessings,Steve and Gwen