Lenten Meditation #1: Becoming Like Paul in Becoming More Aware~

This is Rembrandt's painting of the Apostle Paul. It's the first piece of art that I purchased 30 years ago. I liked this image so much as it seemed to captivate my thoughts on how Paul was inspired to write his letters to the eager churches that needed guidance, direction and counsel. Notice Paul's posture. He seems a bit lost, as if he's really 'lost in space' or drawn in his mind to contemplate the things of God for the people of God.He's not writing. He's pensive. Thinking and in his thoughts as if trying to capture the right word, the right phrase that would communicate the right thing. For Paul, there's no hurry here. We don't know how long he's already been seated at the desk nor do we know how long he will be there. Perhaps, he, himself does not even care. All that matters is saying the right thing in the right way.In this season of Lent, we all need to find the right thoughts and attempt to express them as the truth of our own lives. Perhaps you are new to Lent, like I am. It was not a part of my spiritual shaping but now in my life, my margins have widened to explore truth outside the lines of my childhood and very Baptist faith. Lent helps me to focus my attention like Paul on the things that really matter.This year, I am using Christian Art painted by the Masters to help me "see" beyond words what I might have missed in my decades of life. I will be using Juliet Benner's new book, "Contemplative Prayer" as my guide. I invite you to join me in this Lenten season. I'll be sharing some insights here on my blog. Please feel free to comment here; share and let's experience together a deeper journey to the cross in 40 days ahead.Let's become like Paul ridding ourselves of this 'hurry-sickness' that seems to plague our lives and choose to be purpose-filled in listening to God's voice. See Paul's right hand, I do note that he was right handed--unlike me. He's ready to write what God says. Are you? Am I?Lenten Blessings!Stephen W. Smithwww.pottersinn.com