Gary and Jan Wingo Join Us at Potter's Inn!!!

We're excited to welcome Gary and Jan Wingo to the family at Potter's Inn. We issued a "cry for help" several weeks ago and Gary and Jan contacted us and said, "We can come. We can help."  So three weeks after we publicized our need for several different types of people they are here; on board and already helping.Gary and Jan will lead a one day, snow shoe retreat later in March at our retreat. Guests can come at 9am and have an adventure with 10 other people to have the "time of their lives." Fun, good soup and great beauty--all to take in.Gary and Jan will greet each guest! Give each guest home-made banana bread and help out around the property. With the Barn, almost complete, Jan will be doing some research on having our retreat as a beautiful retreat for weddings and off site meetings for businesses.  They are living in Antler's cabin for the time being.We're still looking for other couples and/or singles to come for a block of time and help us with our guests ministry and general up keep of the property.We also need a Business Manager for Potter's Inn. This person could be in a half-time place in their life and looking for the next place of significance. The person will either need to raise their support or be in a position that can be self-supporting. Let's talk if you 're interested.We believe the time has come for the message of Potter's Inn--spiritual transformation and the care of the soul! We want to be ready for the doors God is opening! Is he calling you to come and help us?