Easter: Why do you really need it?

In this week before Easter, each day I’ll post a few thoughts and a reflective question to sit with and reflect upon prior to experiencing Easter. For Monday, here’s the thought and question: Easter is about second chances and a new beginning. Nature is showing off these days that winter’s woes did not kill off nature’s glory. The Dogwoods bud; the Azaleas blossom in glorious hues of springs arrays; the daffodils buds are in full blossom. All nature is calling us to remember that death gives way to life. Easter is much more than flowers though. It's about someone who was dead coming back to life. It's about second chances to really live before you really die! It's about the power of God over the power of dead-end situations that you might be facing this week before Easter. In just a few days, we will be celebrating this fact on what is really the hallmark of this important lesson: There is a new beginning in every death. Today, sit with this question and see where you go in your heart: What in me is waiting for the second chance?  What in my life needs the touch of Easter upon it cause if it doesn’t touch this place, I will for sure stay dead?  --------------------------Here's an amazing review of The Jesus Life.http://beccawithpeninhand.blogspot.com/2012/04/jesus-life-book-review.html Paste this into your browser and see what's being said about the book and why you need to read it!Amazon just released the KINDLE version. You can have it in just a few seconds right now!