Dramatic Oil Paintings Inspired the Artist to Paint!

Dear Friends, I am thrilled to show you for the first time, two lovely oil paintings which are original oils by artist, Bruce Rehkop from Kansas. Bruce has visited our retreat several times each time working on the big, red barn. Out of the blue--so to speak, Bruce sent me the images of these beautiful oil paintings that were inspired by scenes at Potter's Inn at Aspen Ridge. "Golden Divide" shows the dramatic sunset glowing with dramatic colors and the landscape. How appropriate to name it, 'Golden Divide.' Many people, when coming to Potter's Inn at Aspen Ridge are at 'dividing' moments in their journey with God.The other beautiful painting is simply called, "Community." Eight men from Bruce's church journied out to our retreat to work on the big, red barn. Learning that Aspen trees only grow in community, Bruce, painted a community of eight Aspens standing strong in a small grove. It's a tribute to the eight men who invested their blood, sweat and tears at our retreat.These Oil Paintings will be loaned to the ministry to be hung in the future Inn--at the Dedication scheduled for late Spring 2011. If you want information about Bruce's work, please contact us.Thank you Bruce---our own Michaelangelo!Stephen W. Smith