Caring for your Soul at Work

I am glad that our ministry is launching a brand new initiative called, "Vocation Care."  It's interesting to note that none of the books on the soul; none of the books on spiritual disciplines include a person's work life. Yet, we're told that we spend more time at work and doing work than doing anything else in our lives. Work matters!  So do the good and bad choices we make about our work lives.One of the mistakes we make in our work life is looking at our work as yet another silo that has to be managed. We think wrongly that we have a silo for our spouse, another one for our children--yet one more for our work. This is an old and wrong way of looking at our lives. The soul does not have silos. Everything is connected. If we are not doing well with our work--then we are not doing well in our souls.  When work is affected, then everything in us is affected. For most people, work is more of the jugular vein that when nicked, causes massive problems and sometimes makes  person feel like they are dead--even though they are, in fact alive.Vocation Care seeks to honor the complexity of our souls by allowing us to journey well into our souls to explore our hidden passions, unfulfilled longings and yearnings in life. We want to "do" something that matters. We don't want to just endure to the end.Vocation care helps people navigate the whitewater of work, purpose, fulfillment, desire and significance. I hope you'll join us on the journey. Consider coming to one of the two already scheduled one day retreats on Vocation Care--one in Charlotte on March 4 and in Colorado Springs on April 30. Begin the journey with us reassess the trajectory of your own life.  Details are on our webpage, www.pottersinn.comConsider subscribing to David Sachsenmaier's brand new blog: