Building the Scaffolding for the Abundant Life

Lesson #2.Have you ever noticed on new construction that the first thing builders build is the necessary scaffolding. The scaffolding is necessary. It's the beams, planks and poles that are erected both around and inside the new construction. There, the workers ascend the planks and build the building.Rhythm is the necessary scaffolding we need to build a sense of abundance into our lives. Without a sense of rhythm--every day is the same. The days turn into weeks and the weeks morph into years. But when we build the scaffolding of rhythm into our lives, we have the necessary structure to build our lives--to "work out our own salvation" as Paul says and to live not in drudgery but with meaning, satisfaction and a sense of abundance.In our time we called the Great Experiment, we purposed to live a life of rhythm. We had been doing too much. We had violated our own souls but accepting too many invitations and to try to say 'yes' to many times instead of saying 'no.' In our new rhythm, we worked hard but then took the time to come back to life. We gave our hearts away but then took the necessary time to de-tox; to rest, to reflect; to enjoy; to have fun and then we worked again.The scaffolding we began to build was to embrace a rhythm of engage--then disengage. Do our work. Pour our heart out. But then come back for a time of renewal, refreshment, rest and reflection. Without these four "R's: renewal, refreshment, rest and reflection we would only be on the treadmill of doing more; burning the candle at both ends and entering a sense of hamster wheel living.By imposing a scaffolding of rhythm, we are having the time to evaluate the trajectory of our lives; make small adjustments and live with hope and a renewed sense of calling which is deep and life-giving. It feels like blessing, not drudgery. It feels like life, not death. It feels like glimmers of abundance not endurance.In my book, The Jesus Life, I am hearing from people all over the world who are fascinated with what I unpack there in two chapters about rhymthm. Here, though, I want to go further. Say a bit more and share more personal insights and reflections.Using the scaffolding metaphor, envision how you want each day to look, each week, each month, each quarter and each year. What do you want to do each week that is life giving. What can you implement that is life giving every single month; every quarter.What kind of scaffolding do you envision for a sustainable rhythm?How many hours a week are you working currently and how much time would you like to disengage each week?What would disengagement look like?What does rhythm look like from where you are RIGHT NOW?