An Ordinary Tuesday in the Midst of an Extra-Ordinary Week!

This is the Tuesday before Easter. Perhaps just a day embedded between so many other significant days—another ordinary day. In the week before Easter, the cadence changes on Thursday when Jesus focused on the last time he’d have dinner with his twelve friends. But on Tuesday, we don’t know of anything major or life altering that happened. Perhaps this was the ordinary day when Jesus simply loved on some neglected children on his way somewhere that we might think is more important than doing such a menial task as this. The ordinary days of our lives are often neglected as we await the life-altering days It’s precisely how some days are in our lives. Another day. Uneventful. Plain as vanilla ice cream.  How we live our lives on Tuesdays, though helps determine how we will live our lives on Easter Sunday. As you awaken to this very ordinary, uneventful day on this Tuesday or any ordinary day, try to remember these life shaping thoughts! 

  1. Though ordinary, today may be your last day on earth or the last day of someone you love. Don’t take anyone for granted on the days that you take for granted.
  2. Ordinary Tuesdays give us the opportunity to successfully practice the presence of God as much as try to do on Easter Sundays. God does not value one day above the next—except perhaps for the Sabbath days of our lives.
  3. A long list of Tuesdays make a long journey in the same direction possible. The journey towards our home in heaven is not always filled with drama, superlative language and miracles. It takes many ordinary steps to make the journey meaningful. Celebrate today as one day forward in your journey towards Easter!

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