Friends,IMG_0017I've taken a much needed break from writing. For several months, I've felt the need to pull back practice what I preach and write about. It's been a good season for me.However, this morning, I took an early walk in the forest across from the house we're staying in at present. With each step, words began to come unlodged with me. As if there was a break within my heart and the river began to flow, yet again.I took this picture on my walk.  The Spring Eucharist On this sunny spring morn,I walked the floor of a forest.The more I walked, the more lost I was.But strange as it seems, the more found I was. The magpies sang their morning chant.The fox ushered me to give an offering.The snow clad peak adorned the sky as a precious jewel.Spring has finally come and winter’s resurrection is here. The Aspen lined trail was my journey outward.But it led me inward to soak in the peace of the world;Within and without on this fine morn.Sun draped Spruce gives up praise.So do I.  So do I. This morn is the beginning.Yet another beginning I need amidst the others.Today hope rises. I am alive.I chant my joy like a monk on the way to Mass. My bread and wine is the sun and my private moment.Alone in the woods I find my Eucharist  laid before me.The ferns my altar in the woods,Lavished in the rays of this fine spring morn. Stephen W. SmithMay 24, 2013