More Waiting

This morning, I got up early. Way before the sun came up. We've been travelling through time zones and I'm still not adjusted.  But maybe it was something more. I suspect my getting up early had something more to do with more waiting.Gwen and I read together this verse and sat with it for a few moments:  "My soul waits for the Lord my would waits in his word I put my hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchment wait for the morning, more than watch wait for the morning."  (Ps. 130:5-6).  We sat and waited for the sun to rise, casting its sacred rays upon Pikes Peak which we can see outside our living room. We waited. Paused. Lingered and then talked a bit.We were struck at how much wating is going on.  Two friends diagnosed with what may well be terminal cancer unless there is divine intervention--await that single, intervention which could change everything.One couple friend waits and waits for a job to open. Any job. He's even applied at Home Depot, though he has a Masters. They wait.We are waiting also with some of the news and developments happening in our sons and daughters lives. Now, Jordan is home on  his 2 week leave from Iraq and his days of waiting for that leave for 8 long, hot months are over but his days of waiting to return to Iraq are quickly coming--to quick.We wait for our third son, Cameron who just moved to Germany to begin his life at his new miliary assignment. He's waiting on a place to live; waiting on internet so he can be FINALLY connected; waiting on meeting people.Our other 2 sons are waiting on big developments for their jobs and future.And we are waiting on God's provision for us to take another step forward in the progression on our "inn"--the big, red barn. God's provided $5,800--the exact amount due to pay the guy putting in the insulation. But we will have to wait more on more funds to do the sheetrock. Because we do not have enough funds to pay for the dry wall to be installed, we had to decide to cancel--perhaps postpone is a better word--the coming of a mission team from Wisconsin already planning on coming. But the sheetrock needed to be installed before they could come and do the carpentry work--the finish trim. We're that close, yet more waiting.Then, after this thinking about waiting.... we read a hymn which I will share with you in closing.  Make sure you catch the last verse. Amazing. Powerful. God's whisper to us early this morning---way before the sun came up!"God moves in a mysterious wayHis wonders to perform.He plants his footsteps in the sea,And rides upon the storm.Deep unfathomable minesOf never-failing skill.He treasures up his bright designsAnd works his sovereign will.You fearful saints fresh courage take,The clouds you so much dreadAre big with mercy and shall breakIn blessings on your heard."