The Place in My Heart

  There is a place in my heart that I’ve been renovating. It’s been a crowded, noisy and daunting space that has needed much attention. I’ve tried conferences, books, seminars and such where I have learned tips and techniques that promised to help me with my life transformation. All have failed me, save one. I […]

The Heartbeat I hope this might work. If you play the little play button  above, you’ll hear a short, 10 second recording that may drop you to your knees as it has me. I hope you can heart the heartbeat. It’s a few seconds of a heartbeat but not just any heartbeat. It’s the heartbeat of […]

Five Reasons the North American Church is in Trouble!

by Stephen W. Smith Friends, because of some much reaction to my entry today in the Potter’s Inn Journal, we need to switch this discussion to the blog so more folks can read what I’m reading. So feel free to leave your comments here. If you want to write to me personally, then just email […]

Living the Life we WANT to live!

Gwen is wanting me to quit using this picture of us. When I asked her why she said, “It’s 8 years old and we are more beat up now then when the picture was taken.” We laughed…. but inside we knew the truth of her joke. Perhaps, like many of our pictures–they are memories of […]

The Place of Transformation

Transformation does not happen in a vacuum. A key ingredient in the transformation process is place. We are not Halloween ghosts floating through time and space. The soul’s address is a physical body and every soul needs a place to experience change. Think about it with me. Remember back on some life-changing experiences that you’ve […]