Journey, Wilderness and Comfort: The Movements of the Spiritual Life

“At once, this same Spirit pushed Jesus out into the wild. For forty wilderness days and nights he was tested by Satan. Wild animals were his companions, and angels took care of him.”—Mark 1:12 How is it that in one single verse, Mark explains the journey of the spiritual life? It’s fascinating to simply sit […]

The Shifting of My Emotional Tank

How What Mattered Then Does Not Matter Now!

As we age, our capacity to keep our inner buckets filled changes. It’s really that simple. This metaphor, helps me grasp some of the deeper ways and shifts I see taking place in me—in my emotional bucket. If you’ve not been following me on my thinking about repositioning my life and work, here’s a chance […]

Going Unplugged

Sabbatical Insights: Unplugging to Foster a Resilient Life

For me to have a true time of sabbatical—a true time of ceasing from my work, it was necessary and mandatory that I abstain from social media during my season of rest, renewal and restoration. There is no way, that what has happened in me could have happen or would have happened if I would […]

The Gift of Bewilderment

Experiencing the goodness of God and Life

  “Only at the periphery of our lives, where we, and our understanding of God, are undone, can we understand bewilderment as an occasion for another way of knowing.”   Belden Lane   There is nothing like being the only one walking on a desolate beach in the cool dawn of morning and stumbling upon a […]