9,000 ft thoughts….

We are up at our retreat, Potter’s Inn at Aspen Ridge. It’s snowing. Cold outside but we’ve lit the fire and it’s cozy. A great time to get away…yet we’re kind of messed up today because we went to see a house that’s for sale that maybe we should not have gone to see. Cause now our mind is busy with “what if…” So, we’re going to settle down, walk the Prayer Trail and relax. It’s been a very intense beginning to the New Year. Lots of travel and lots of talking to groups about very wonderful things.

I’m realizing that not all good opportunities are the right opportunities for me to say, “Yes” to.  Wanting to become more careful; slower to decide what’s right to accept and what we can let go of.

The exciting thing right now is that several folks around the country have contacted us; wanting more information but seriously considering coming to help Potter’s Inn in some way. I’m glad about that. We need help.

Let it snow!


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