A New Year and Another New Beginning

A New Year means a new beginning! We get many opportunities to get things right in life. The timeless truth of the ancient image of the potter at work on the wheel reveals an all important truth for us! The potter’s wheel turns many, many times giving the potter time after time to get the […]

Christmas is the Time to say “YES!”

An Advent Devotional

In 1980, Gwen and I said, “Yes” to each other to begin our journey of life and marriage. Little did we know all that this first and initial, “yes” would mean. We pastored churches, moved to Holland to plant an international church, had four sons, moved to Colorado and founded Potter’s Inn, offered our ministry […]

Learning to Listen Deeply

The movement from life being absurd to life making sense--especially making sense of God

In our noisy world, we are stimulated, it seems by all of our senses so much that we may not be able to really hear what we need to hear—what we want to hear. The sounds of traffic, the beeps of technology, the rings on our phones always interrupt almost any attempt to find quiet—even […]