Going Backward in Order to Move Forward

5 Areas to consider going back to move on with your life.

Progress is not always made by pushing through—by going forward. Often, we will need and will actually desire to go backwards in order to be able to move forward. When we are always moving forward and always moving fast, we simply cannot keep up. The constant momentum to keep moving; keep improving even keep transforming […]

The Morphing of Community and Friendship

My progressive revelation of a vital and important spiritual reality

My understanding of community has morphed through the years. Time, failure in relationships, brutal betrayal, sacrificial love and unimaginable kindness by strangers have all helped develop my experience of being in and practicing community–of sharing friendship. If you have read some of my books, you have been a witness to my progressive revelation of what […]

It Takes a Long Time to Grow a Salad

Lessons on Perseverance

It takes a long, long time to make a salad like this. Let me explain. In 1997, I woke up in the middle of the night and it was, as if I heard an audible Voice telling me to get a pad a paper and to start writing. It wasn’t really audible but it was […]