The Disillusionment of Holy Week

Understanding a Deeper Meaning of The Week Before Easter

Growing up, I never heard of “Holy Week.” Now, it’s all the rage. I am left to wonder why? As a child, I just anticipated the big day of Easter. I knew nothing about the week before. Now, as an adult, I know that I cannot fully grasp the day of Easter without being grasped […]

The Slow Work of God

We can't rush God nor skip the stages that shape our soul!

This morning, I sat with the verse in Luke 2:52, where the medical doctor and Gospel writer tells us that “Jesus increased in wisdom (in broad and full understanding) and in stature and years, an in favor with God and man” (Amplified version). Here we see the whole spiritual formation of the Lord Jesus. He […]

Anxiety Abounds! There is a Remedy!

How learning to pray can help!

Underneath the surface of the Earth are shifting monumental plates or tectonic plates. Far, far deeper than we can see, these moving tectonic plates form part of the foundation for continents, oceans and countries. When these plates shift, earthquakes happen. Fault lines surface up to the outer shell of the surface of our planet. These […]

Re-Thinking Our Capacity

  There is an ever growing thinness to the souls of people I encounter.  Besides the fact that we are busy, over-committed and manage rivaling priorities, is this fitting diagnosis:  we’re tired, worn out; teeter tottering on burn out; always recovering from some one, some thing or some event. There’s never enough margin to make […]