Learning to Re-Order Our lives

How Order, Dis-Order and Re-Ordering Our Lives helps make sense of life.

In God’s world, we learn to recognize that there is an established order to creation. Order came out of chaos and millions of years later, we are still trying to find the order that God put in place. One of the great gifts of understanding creation and our own creation and humanity is to re-call […]

Facing the Scarcity Dilemma

The Journey of Becoming the Beloved

Deep inside many of us, there is a scarcity—a lack—an insufficiency that gnaws away within us. It begins within us due to something we missed and would be better off if we had gotten. Like our thirst for water when we’re really needing a drink, we know that it is the water that will satisfy […]

Learning to HALT

How to figure our how you're doing with what you are doing!

In working with leaders in ministry and the marketplace for over 40 years I see an alarming tendency among busy leaders who are working hard to make life, family, faith, church and friendships work well. We resist stopping to take inventory of our lives. When I sit in on Team meetings, where long rang plans […]

The Disillusionment of Holy Week

Understanding a Deeper Meaning of The Week Before Easter

Growing up, I never heard of “Holy Week.” Now, it’s all the rage. I am left to wonder why? As a child, I just anticipated the big day of Easter. I knew nothing about the week before. Now, as an adult, I know that I cannot fully grasp the day of Easter without being grasped […]