A Prayer of Recovery

Those who care must be cared for...

For too long, I have greatly under-estimated the sheer power of listening to people–of hearing so many sad stories.  Yes, it is a part of my work–it is my vocation to hear such things.  But in the hearing now, I am also listening to myself say a new prayer after such long, hard and sometimes […]

Soul Care: Caring for Those in Need

Understanding the Mission of Potter's Inn

When Jesus told us the familiar story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-47), he was doing more than telling us a nice story.  This story is perhaps, one of the most told stories every told and is well known by people of other faiths and traditions.This is a mandate for us to care–to really care […]

The Dignity of the Soul

Until we understand our soul--we will not care for our soul

We will not care for something if we do not understand it. We will not care for our environment, if we fail to understand and grasp the fragile nature of this world. We will pollute, abuse and create more toxic waste until we understand that significant damage has been done. We will not care for […]